Saturday, March 22, 2008

Salt Lake Spring!

Today in Salt Lake City it was SPRING! I wish I could tell you of the transformation that happens inside me at this time of year. Its like all of my thoughts and feelings are painted yellow. I can even watch the news with a smile. I thought I'd pay quick homage to this amazing time of year with a list of why this is the best time of the year:
1 - you can wear flip flops which cuts down on laundry time and decision making time (i.e., what shoes or boots or blah blah)
2 - you can wear a sweat shirt if you WANT but you don't have to.
3 - on weekends the sun wakes you up.
4 - the sky is almost always blue
5 - the mountains are still pretty and white.
6 - everyone seems so happy
7 - all of a sudden there's this incredible burst of energy
8 - even though (as sara said) mini eggs have been out for a while... this is when they're truly meant to be eaten.
9 - memories of Payson and Easter egg hunts seem to swamp me every time I drive by a park.
10 - I start to make lists and actually get things done again
11 - I look better in the sun - my eyes are a bit more green.
12 - In unpacking my summer clothes I have this amazing sense of anticipation.
13 - YARD WORK! And yeah - I like it.
14 - Sunlight at 8 p.m. That's like the biggest gift ever.
16 - I get to break out my camelback, tanks, and hiking shoes!