Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Braid For Sale?

So I was in this little coffee / juice shop that is downstairs from my friend J's loft... We were waiting for our drinks and just wandering around the little shop when she happened on this flyer tacked up to one of the columns in the shop. We couldn't stop laughing and reading every detail...

Some things I'd like to bring up:

1 - This is HAND DRAWN... and by that I mean NOT A COPY either. In this computer era where we can download photos from any website in the world or scan in actual photos this person actually took the time to HAND DRAW each flyer they posted around town.

2 - AMAZING DETAIL... ok before I didn't want to purchase a braid, but now that I've seen how it can make earrings sparkle and pearls gleam I might change my mind... Plus - is it just me or would the new braid actually make me bustier?

3 - BRIGHT RED... so the actual HAND DRAWING pictures a soft orange hair while the writing in the ad boasts BRIGHT RED. Is this a form of false advertising?

4 - PLACEMENT... Seriously? A coffee shop? Now I don't spend a lot of time in coffee shops so I'm not sure, but does the average coffee drinker NEED a BRIGHT RED braid?

5 - LENGTH... 35 inches? Seriously? This is either WAY too much hair to use on your head or not enough to make a bright read hammock. Give me a length I can use!!! There is no way I can have my prince climb to my window using only 35 inches.

6 - CONTACT TAGS... At the bottom there are little tags with a phone number... All I have to say is SOME ARE MISSING???

Seriously if any of you have in your possession a little tag - THROW IT AWAY!!! To be clear I DO NOT want this for my birthday. I can think of no better way to introduce lice or any number of diseases to myself and my house or both if I decide to use it to make a hammock.