Monday, January 28, 2008

Horsepower in all things

So for those of you who know the boys in my family you will understand this conversation that I witnessed Sunday evening. My sister in law and Gardner are discussing purchasing a new vacuum but will also be building a new home soon. They are debating purchasing a Kirby vacuum or getting a central vacuum in their next home.

dad: you ought to get the central vacuum. Its so handy and great and I love it in the garage. There's nothing better for cleaning out cars.

gardner: I'm worried about the suction in a central vacuum.

dad: I haven't had anything that cleans out cars as well. Its amazing - its great to have in the garage.

gardner: With such a long hose how can it have that much suction?

dad: What do you mean? Its airtight so it has the same suction at the end. Besides its got a ton of horsepower. I'll bet you couldn't find a vacuum out there with nearly as much horsepower.

gardner: Really? How much horsepower do you think it has?

How were they able to equate something typically used only to clean the house with cars and horsepower? That's a rare genetic Crane trait.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cancun to New Year!

It reminds me of that phrase, "it was the best of times and the worst of times." The best being lying by a beautiful white sand beach as sweet waitresses brought any drink of our choice every few minutes. The worst being packing to go home and realizing that as the plan landed there was SNOW SNOW SNOW everywhere. Merry Christmas!

Highlights Include:
the wall fountain that greeted us in the main hall. It made mom so happy.
the beautiful jacuzzi tubs in the rooms (and mine and m's worked too).
the amazing deep cavern on the way to chickenitsa.
Cliff jumping over and over so that we could catch it on camera! We didn't have to twist M's arm...
Some of the most amazing ruins I've ever seen.
But, the most important highlight was THE SUN!!!
Oh yeah... the best highlight for me was that I realized I look like mom! FINALLY! YAY!

Our company was fantastic (I can't think of anyone I'd rather share such a great resort vacation with), our hotel was beyond belief, the food was safe and yummie, and the weather was PERFECT!!!