Thursday, June 26, 2008

All bleeding eventually stops...

So its been a rough couple of months even though its Spring here and yesterday I was talking to my brother who's having the same type of months. I found myself relating one of my favorite phrases that an old friend told me a few years back moments before it was too late and from too far away to do much else than to save me with words.

Even as I wrote the words to G I began to feel the wave of relief that hit me the first time I heard this phrase. I realized that the most difficult time of our lives is when we're unsure of an outcome or in the midst of some turmoil. Not when things aren't going our way, but when we're not sure which way we want them to go. When we're crouched waiting to jump or run or lie down... when we're ready but have nowhere to direct our action, intelligence, and reasoning.

The one thing I know to be true of all the advice I've ever been given: All bleeding eventually stops.

So I wait. Patiently crouched and much less frustrated, angry, or sad because I know that it will stop. When it stops I will know what to do and I have learned I can deal with anything once it is done.