Monday, November 24, 2008


Today a chocolate craving hit me at work and it was the kind that refused to be ignored. I had no choice but to bargain with a colleague to trade a "full report" for a fun sized Baby Ruth. This led me to thinking... You all might be witnessing the first of many, many reviews. You must feel so lucky!

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing my first baby ruth. For those of you who have not yet experienced the sinful taste I highly recommend it. Upon first view the BR (yeah, I shortened it) seems fairly similar to other candy bars in that it contains similar ingredients - peanuts, chocolate, some sort of softer chocolate, etc. However, I unhesitatingly assure you that the BR possesses a unique quality above any other bars in its category. Once in your mouth its almost as if it is a welcome relative coming back home. The pleasure it gave me to chew it was only rivaled by the sadness that overwhelmed me upon swallowing...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being Nastalgic

Its funny how talents exhibit themselves early in life. Recently my little nephew who is incredibly adept at what I would call Physical engineering has figured out how to "disable" a bottle. He has always had such a fondness for figuring out how things work... mind you when I saw ALWAYS he is nearly one and half... Age aside he seems to have an uncanny ability in this area. Recently while on a trip to Salt Lake he sat in the middle row of seats and after days of studying his bottle finally figured a way to open it. He has tried pulling, unscrewing, and biting... none of which worked. On this trip he pushed the nipple to the bottom of the bottle and found a way finally - to open the bottle.

So what I already miss is how even when he was in the middle of play he would stop short, find his bottle, and snuggle up. This is the only time to get real snuggle time with him... I have to admit that I truly wish he wasn't so very smart.


Stalled in my move till
You organized my spices
Now I am down town

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So today was election day and I am sick as I can ever remember being... I needed to go to the Dr. and I needed to do some work... But I postponed both because my dad said something Sunday which really made me feel super lucky. He brought up that the American President is likely the most powerful position in the world and that every four years it changes - and this is key - without bloodshed. Today as I was lying in my bed after a sleepless night and my throat ached from coughing I felt lucky and I got my but out of bed and cast my vote.

Thanks Dad!