Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mouse in the House?

Above are a couple of examples of why its been hard to be back home after taking more than a week to soak up the sun in Maui...

Tonight I walked out of work with a friend and we stood in the parking garage talking. While Jess was filling me in on all that happened last week I stood fidgeting (if I listened to my mother and didn't fidget..). I began scraping my open toed black shoe back and forth over some strange lump on the floor. I wasn't really thinking, but if I had been I'm sure I'd have been thinking about ten billion other things other than the obvious: what is this thing I keep scraping my foot back and forth over? Yes - had I been thinking at all I'm sure I'd have been looking down at my nearly split ends that badly need trimming or my toes that badly need painting... the beach was rough on me!

Anyway as I said, I stood thoughtlessly scraping my almost bare foot over this lump when suddenly my friend looked down for a minute and then back up. She made direct eye contact with me and nearly screamed, "WHAT IS THAT THING?" Not too concerned I allowed my eyes to wander where my foot had been wandering.

Two points I'd like to make is that there are TWO of whatever this is and that one of them has been PAINTED over by whoever painted the parking lines. Nice work guys. Really great attention to detail. I guess had I decided to nap in the wrong place I too could have been striped.