Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Stitches

So today I went to my oral surgeon as a follow up to getting my wisdom teeth pulled. For those of you who don't know this happened last week by a somewhat orange physician who has been intermittently hitting on me.

Today when I met with him he mentioned how it he was sad to know that I didn't have any follow up appointments since now my teeth were pulled. I laughed kind of and he followed saying, "yeah, so I should call you." Without thinking I told him yes.... argh.

Then he examined my teeth - or I should say lack of teeth. He asked if one side had felt sharp. I said no. He said that there seemed to be a stitch remaining, but that it should disolve or "fall out." It was a busy day and I didn't think about it again until JUST NOW.

While watching "how I met your mother" (the best new show on tv) I felt something sharp on the back of my tongue and reached in to find this:

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today Cameron broke her arm again. It broke my heart because I can remember the pain still of broken arms and I can remember the worst part - being frustrated at being down to one arm. Thing is that she's bound to get injured in life because she goes about everything she does at full speed without fear. I can't feel too sorry for that. In fact - one of the things I love most about her is that she's already planning what she'll do when the cast is off.

Also... Another thing I noticed about her tonight is that she didn't let her broken arm change her plans at all. She had her Sunday planned and was determined to go through with her plans. When she and G and C got back from the hospital she settled in and immediately began to think forward into the week - Addison's choir concert tomorrow, her cousins coming in on Wednesday, etc.

Until I saw her I was absolutely crushed at the thought of her having another broken arm. But she cruised through this without so much as a second thought. I can promise you that this is a trait she pulls from her mother. Crista has never been held back long by any injury or sad event in her life. I find myself constantly amazed at her ability to snap back to her loving successful self. What a joy to see this passed on to her daughter.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

40 minutes is how long my dad said I was away from him. Quick. Every time I'm put under anesthesia I really think perhaps I won't wake back up. This time I remember thinking how strange it is that I willingly sat in a chair as they strapped monitors to my arms and one leg and then tenderly put a needle in my arm. On the outside I was making jokes to the nurse and to the CRNA. They laughed and then when the surgeon entered I made him laugh as well. When I'm nervous I tend to talk too much. But the whole time I though how strange that I sat so still and so calm when moments before I'd signed the document releasing them from any fault should I not wake up. I tried to think about what I'd want my last thoughts to be... then I was awake again and I don't even remember waking up. Slick. That's all I can call it. Not so slick... That's what I'd call my humor before going under. When the surgeon entered it went like this:
Surgeon: Well how are you doing today Emily?
Me: Actually... I'm more concerned about how you're doing.
Surgeon: Well, I'm REEEALLLY REALLY tired... I didn't sleep at all last night (smirking a bit)
Me: Seriously? We should trade places then.

Right... And yet everyone in the room laughed because somehow they all knew I was thinking, "wow... what if I don't wake up."

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today a chocolate craving hit me at work and it was the kind that refused to be ignored. I had no choice but to bargain with a colleague to trade a "full report" for a fun sized Baby Ruth. This led me to thinking... You all might be witnessing the first of many, many reviews. You must feel so lucky!

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing my first baby ruth. For those of you who have not yet experienced the sinful taste I highly recommend it. Upon first view the BR (yeah, I shortened it) seems fairly similar to other candy bars in that it contains similar ingredients - peanuts, chocolate, some sort of softer chocolate, etc. However, I unhesitatingly assure you that the BR possesses a unique quality above any other bars in its category. Once in your mouth its almost as if it is a welcome relative coming back home. The pleasure it gave me to chew it was only rivaled by the sadness that overwhelmed me upon swallowing...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being Nastalgic

Its funny how talents exhibit themselves early in life. Recently my little nephew who is incredibly adept at what I would call Physical engineering has figured out how to "disable" a bottle. He has always had such a fondness for figuring out how things work... mind you when I saw ALWAYS he is nearly one and half... Age aside he seems to have an uncanny ability in this area. Recently while on a trip to Salt Lake he sat in the middle row of seats and after days of studying his bottle finally figured a way to open it. He has tried pulling, unscrewing, and biting... none of which worked. On this trip he pushed the nipple to the bottom of the bottle and found a way finally - to open the bottle.

So what I already miss is how even when he was in the middle of play he would stop short, find his bottle, and snuggle up. This is the only time to get real snuggle time with him... I have to admit that I truly wish he wasn't so very smart.


Stalled in my move till
You organized my spices
Now I am down town

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So today was election day and I am sick as I can ever remember being... I needed to go to the Dr. and I needed to do some work... But I postponed both because my dad said something Sunday which really made me feel super lucky. He brought up that the American President is likely the most powerful position in the world and that every four years it changes - and this is key - without bloodshed. Today as I was lying in my bed after a sleepless night and my throat ached from coughing I felt lucky and I got my but out of bed and cast my vote.

Thanks Dad!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Computer Chats...

My mom states that she still remembers being in the other room when Mr. Rogers was on and thinking that perhaps I had a friend in there with me b/c I was so chatty... Turns out I was just responding to all of Mr. R's questions... I'm quite sure that I didn't know the difference between tv and reality. Later my brother went to pre-school and it was explained to me as "kind of like Romper Room." For you youngsters that was a tv show at the time. When he'd be eating dinner at night and my dad asked about his day it was never the same as what I'd watched on Romper Room and I'd think, "you liar."

Yesterday I was talking to my sister Rachel and her daugher over the internet and via video and my niece did something that made my heart leap... She said, "E A Yee where's your hand?" So I held my hand up backhand facing her... "E A Yee other side." So I flipped my hand palm up to her... She immediately tried to push her little camera through the computer... It needed fixing.

Man... Someone should really sit down with both of us and explain technology!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

My adversary...

Tonight my vacuum kicked my a. I had great big plans about moving furniture out onto my deck and vacuuming every square inch of this place - perhaps even a couple of times. My vacuum however, had a different set of plans. Namely to scrape every last bit of polish off my nails while I ATTEMPTED (yes I did say ATTEMPTED) to replace the belt that had broken with one I had ordered online.

Some things I learned in tonight's three hour battle in which my vacuum was victorious - yet again:

1 - If you're frustrated by your vacuum because you don't know how to use it... don't buy some cheap piece of crap vacuum thinking that your next attempt with your original vacuum will go better - it won't. Buy a real vacuum that you can understand. Yes... tonight I tossed not just the ONE vacuum, but TWO.

2 - If your vacuum belt breaks you should DEFINITELY look at the size of the belt prior to tossing it.

3 - If you didn't happen to check the size and you don't have the model number of your vacuum with you at work DO NOT ORDER THE BELT - they all look alike. It is a super bad idea to guess and it turns out that not all Kirby's take the same belts.

4 - If your vacuum is older than you are but you are holding onto it because everyone tells you how great it is and well... BAD IDEA!

5 - If you are keeping this huge heavy vacuum due to an emotional attachment you have formed to it since its the one your mom used your entire childhood you might possibly need help.

6 - My last lesson was of course that the belt is in fact an important functioning part of the vacuum. You might waste your efforts trying to vacuum without having one.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All bleeding eventually stops...

So its been a rough couple of months even though its Spring here and yesterday I was talking to my brother who's having the same type of months. I found myself relating one of my favorite phrases that an old friend told me a few years back moments before it was too late and from too far away to do much else than to save me with words.

Even as I wrote the words to G I began to feel the wave of relief that hit me the first time I heard this phrase. I realized that the most difficult time of our lives is when we're unsure of an outcome or in the midst of some turmoil. Not when things aren't going our way, but when we're not sure which way we want them to go. When we're crouched waiting to jump or run or lie down... when we're ready but have nowhere to direct our action, intelligence, and reasoning.

The one thing I know to be true of all the advice I've ever been given: All bleeding eventually stops.

So I wait. Patiently crouched and much less frustrated, angry, or sad because I know that it will stop. When it stops I will know what to do and I have learned I can deal with anything once it is done.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Salt Lake Spring!

Today in Salt Lake City it was SPRING! I wish I could tell you of the transformation that happens inside me at this time of year. Its like all of my thoughts and feelings are painted yellow. I can even watch the news with a smile. I thought I'd pay quick homage to this amazing time of year with a list of why this is the best time of the year:
1 - you can wear flip flops which cuts down on laundry time and decision making time (i.e., what shoes or boots or blah blah)
2 - you can wear a sweat shirt if you WANT but you don't have to.
3 - on weekends the sun wakes you up.
4 - the sky is almost always blue
5 - the mountains are still pretty and white.
6 - everyone seems so happy
7 - all of a sudden there's this incredible burst of energy
8 - even though (as sara said) mini eggs have been out for a while... this is when they're truly meant to be eaten.
9 - memories of Payson and Easter egg hunts seem to swamp me every time I drive by a park.
10 - I start to make lists and actually get things done again
11 - I look better in the sun - my eyes are a bit more green.
12 - In unpacking my summer clothes I have this amazing sense of anticipation.
13 - YARD WORK! And yeah - I like it.
14 - Sunlight at 8 p.m. That's like the biggest gift ever.
16 - I get to break out my camelback, tanks, and hiking shoes!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Horsepower in all things

So for those of you who know the boys in my family you will understand this conversation that I witnessed Sunday evening. My sister in law and Gardner are discussing purchasing a new vacuum but will also be building a new home soon. They are debating purchasing a Kirby vacuum or getting a central vacuum in their next home.

dad: you ought to get the central vacuum. Its so handy and great and I love it in the garage. There's nothing better for cleaning out cars.

gardner: I'm worried about the suction in a central vacuum.

dad: I haven't had anything that cleans out cars as well. Its amazing - its great to have in the garage.

gardner: With such a long hose how can it have that much suction?

dad: What do you mean? Its airtight so it has the same suction at the end. Besides its got a ton of horsepower. I'll bet you couldn't find a vacuum out there with nearly as much horsepower.

gardner: Really? How much horsepower do you think it has?

How were they able to equate something typically used only to clean the house with cars and horsepower? That's a rare genetic Crane trait.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cancun to New Year!

It reminds me of that phrase, "it was the best of times and the worst of times." The best being lying by a beautiful white sand beach as sweet waitresses brought any drink of our choice every few minutes. The worst being packing to go home and realizing that as the plan landed there was SNOW SNOW SNOW everywhere. Merry Christmas!

Highlights Include:
the wall fountain that greeted us in the main hall. It made mom so happy.
the beautiful jacuzzi tubs in the rooms (and mine and m's worked too).
the amazing deep cavern on the way to chickenitsa.
Cliff jumping over and over so that we could catch it on camera! We didn't have to twist M's arm...
Some of the most amazing ruins I've ever seen.
But, the most important highlight was THE SUN!!!
Oh yeah... the best highlight for me was that I realized I look like mom! FINALLY! YAY!

Our company was fantastic (I can't think of anyone I'd rather share such a great resort vacation with), our hotel was beyond belief, the food was safe and yummie, and the weather was PERFECT!!!