Monday, July 7, 2008

My adversary...

Tonight my vacuum kicked my a. I had great big plans about moving furniture out onto my deck and vacuuming every square inch of this place - perhaps even a couple of times. My vacuum however, had a different set of plans. Namely to scrape every last bit of polish off my nails while I ATTEMPTED (yes I did say ATTEMPTED) to replace the belt that had broken with one I had ordered online.

Some things I learned in tonight's three hour battle in which my vacuum was victorious - yet again:

1 - If you're frustrated by your vacuum because you don't know how to use it... don't buy some cheap piece of crap vacuum thinking that your next attempt with your original vacuum will go better - it won't. Buy a real vacuum that you can understand. Yes... tonight I tossed not just the ONE vacuum, but TWO.

2 - If your vacuum belt breaks you should DEFINITELY look at the size of the belt prior to tossing it.

3 - If you didn't happen to check the size and you don't have the model number of your vacuum with you at work DO NOT ORDER THE BELT - they all look alike. It is a super bad idea to guess and it turns out that not all Kirby's take the same belts.

4 - If your vacuum is older than you are but you are holding onto it because everyone tells you how great it is and well... BAD IDEA!

5 - If you are keeping this huge heavy vacuum due to an emotional attachment you have formed to it since its the one your mom used your entire childhood you might possibly need help.

6 - My last lesson was of course that the belt is in fact an important functioning part of the vacuum. You might waste your efforts trying to vacuum without having one.