Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Stitches

So today I went to my oral surgeon as a follow up to getting my wisdom teeth pulled. For those of you who don't know this happened last week by a somewhat orange physician who has been intermittently hitting on me.

Today when I met with him he mentioned how it he was sad to know that I didn't have any follow up appointments since now my teeth were pulled. I laughed kind of and he followed saying, "yeah, so I should call you." Without thinking I told him yes.... argh.

Then he examined my teeth - or I should say lack of teeth. He asked if one side had felt sharp. I said no. He said that there seemed to be a stitch remaining, but that it should disolve or "fall out." It was a busy day and I didn't think about it again until JUST NOW.

While watching "how I met your mother" (the best new show on tv) I felt something sharp on the back of my tongue and reached in to find this:

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today Cameron broke her arm again. It broke my heart because I can remember the pain still of broken arms and I can remember the worst part - being frustrated at being down to one arm. Thing is that she's bound to get injured in life because she goes about everything she does at full speed without fear. I can't feel too sorry for that. In fact - one of the things I love most about her is that she's already planning what she'll do when the cast is off.

Also... Another thing I noticed about her tonight is that she didn't let her broken arm change her plans at all. She had her Sunday planned and was determined to go through with her plans. When she and G and C got back from the hospital she settled in and immediately began to think forward into the week - Addison's choir concert tomorrow, her cousins coming in on Wednesday, etc.

Until I saw her I was absolutely crushed at the thought of her having another broken arm. But she cruised through this without so much as a second thought. I can promise you that this is a trait she pulls from her mother. Crista has never been held back long by any injury or sad event in her life. I find myself constantly amazed at her ability to snap back to her loving successful self. What a joy to see this passed on to her daughter.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

40 minutes is how long my dad said I was away from him. Quick. Every time I'm put under anesthesia I really think perhaps I won't wake back up. This time I remember thinking how strange it is that I willingly sat in a chair as they strapped monitors to my arms and one leg and then tenderly put a needle in my arm. On the outside I was making jokes to the nurse and to the CRNA. They laughed and then when the surgeon entered I made him laugh as well. When I'm nervous I tend to talk too much. But the whole time I though how strange that I sat so still and so calm when moments before I'd signed the document releasing them from any fault should I not wake up. I tried to think about what I'd want my last thoughts to be... then I was awake again and I don't even remember waking up. Slick. That's all I can call it. Not so slick... That's what I'd call my humor before going under. When the surgeon entered it went like this:
Surgeon: Well how are you doing today Emily?
Me: Actually... I'm more concerned about how you're doing.
Surgeon: Well, I'm REEEALLLY REALLY tired... I didn't sleep at all last night (smirking a bit)
Me: Seriously? We should trade places then.

Right... And yet everyone in the room laughed because somehow they all knew I was thinking, "wow... what if I don't wake up."