Monday, September 15, 2008

Computer Chats...

My mom states that she still remembers being in the other room when Mr. Rogers was on and thinking that perhaps I had a friend in there with me b/c I was so chatty... Turns out I was just responding to all of Mr. R's questions... I'm quite sure that I didn't know the difference between tv and reality. Later my brother went to pre-school and it was explained to me as "kind of like Romper Room." For you youngsters that was a tv show at the time. When he'd be eating dinner at night and my dad asked about his day it was never the same as what I'd watched on Romper Room and I'd think, "you liar."

Yesterday I was talking to my sister Rachel and her daugher over the internet and via video and my niece did something that made my heart leap... She said, "E A Yee where's your hand?" So I held my hand up backhand facing her... "E A Yee other side." So I flipped my hand palm up to her... She immediately tried to push her little camera through the computer... It needed fixing.

Man... Someone should really sit down with both of us and explain technology!