Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Such a busy, crazy Spring and I almost forgot to say how WONDERFUL Hawaii was! We stayed in an amazing resort for 8 days and just relaxed. I had worked like crazy prior to leaving and packed the whole night before and by the time I got there I felt so beat up! However... My wonderful friend Monique met me in the lobby with a beautiful fresh flower lai that she'd brought from another island for me along with a much needed hug. Sweet Monique! Then she and her boyfriend (Jody) helped me take my luggage to my room and took me to a wonderful thai dinner as I tried hard to be any conversation after being so so tired. Back at my room and super tired I found a dead cockroach! UGH! Definitely wasn't sure if it was dead or stunned, but called housekeeping just to be sure!

The next day I spent just relaxing at the beach and of course working.... still much better to work at the beach than in an office watching the snowy weather outside.

Then the next day Crystal flew in from Seattle to visit for a couple of days. We had massages, wonderful runs and walks on the beachy and rocky coast, and ate amazing food! We also found a couple of people to take pictures - well, one guy who didn't know how to work the camera phone...

Crystal stayed a couple of days and monique had left already so the next couple of days were just me, the beach, and the whales playing RIGHT off the coast! It was so phenomenal and already feels like its been too long!

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sara said...

Sounds like perfection!