Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Niece Date!

Friday I was in complete withdrawals from no time with Cameron and Addison and I drove to Kaysville to spend some time with the amazing duo! I showed up and before I was even out of the car they'd handed me the vase full of flowers they'd picked for me. Seriously... these two totally spoil me. The plan had been ice skating, but the rink was closed and their little hearts had been set on this... We decided instead on ice cream and time at the park. However, on the ride to the ice cream parlor we got lost and found ourselves in front of Chuck E Cheese... Cameron's eyes light up at the possibility and Addison took some convincing... Two minutes later we were in the door and purchasing WAY too many tokens (I could tell by the way the cashier looked at me.) It was probably evident at that point that I was a rookie... We then found our table and split out the tokens and then proceeded in awe at all of the possibilities. We had a hard time choosing the first ride, but settled on this cool bike ride which looked scary to me, but Cameron hopped right on. Then Addison... I love these pics because they look a little nervous. We then hit some additional games and found out that Addison had been hiding her talent for bowling and skeeball and Cameron had an incredible lucky streak! At one point she found me and urgently explained that her machine was just spitting out tons of tickets. People were amazed and formed a circle around her in awe. At several points in the mix they would comment on how much fun it was and, "why don't we do this more offen?" I think the same way... It was fun and more fun than I've had in a VERY long time. The plan is to have a date at least once a month. By the end of the night they had a ton of tickets which I counted diligently and then we went to buy our prizes... The girls experienced some sticker shock and after I told Cameron it'd be 200 for a necklace she said quickly, "FOR A NECKLACE???" They both got some cool things for themselves, but also saved enough money to buy some things for Axel and also tried hard to push something on me. They are so so so sweet! On the road back home they were both silent... 4 hours in a Chuck E Cheese and they were OUT! I had a blast too and really can't believe how often they thanked me and hugged me, even though I gave addison a run for her money at skiball.


Rachel said...

How fun! What a great aunt you are! I wish Victoria had been with you. She love, love, loves Chuck E Cheese! We have a whole bunch of coins and stop by now and again!

Amanda P said...

Oh how fun! I loved the part about sticker shock at prize time! I bet they will just love the Aunt dates!

sara said...

I'd like to compete in a skeeball tournament with her. I fancy myself a bit of an expert. Do you think she could take me?

I'm in total agreement about the sticker shock. The price of things is crazy there! We can only ever afford the 10-20 ticket items.

You rule.